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Welcome to Nature's Children Photography my name is, Rachel Scroggins. I live in Middlebury with my husband and two children. I always wanted to have beautiful professional portraits of my children, but was never able to afford the high prices that most photographers charge. I work hard to keep my prices as low as possible so that every family can capture beautiful moments in their families lives with truly unique high quality photos at incredible prices. My pictures are always taken outside to incorporate the beauty of nature and all of the seasons into every photo. I believe that a "good picture" is one that makes you smile, not necessarily a picture where everyone is posed in a perfect manner looking at the camera. I have been a preschool teacher for many years before I started to take pictures and I love working with children. Most of the time they don't know they are at a picture session, but rather playing at the park and this leads to natural pictures that truly reflect their personality and helps you to capture who they are at each age. I also enjoy taking senior pictures, I have had many families that have told me they wouldn't be able to afford senior pictures at other studios. My sitting fees are simply $30.00 and I have no packages that you have to purchase and no minimum orders. I am so happy that I have been given the opportunity to work with so many wonderful families.
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